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Image Corporate is the first company offering a library for logotypes and images. Its aim is to download advertising products, logos or images material in different kinds of digital files.

We all noticed the constant developments of the Internet networking : new web sites appear every day.

Three years ago rose the idea of storing high quality logos for professionals and in 1998 “Logotypes.com” was created and on line.

Since then, communication technologies never stopped developing and possibilities offered increased. Our name changed and the web site improved.

Faster systems, new facilities.

Today Logos, Pack-shots, Outline Drawings, Atmosphere Pictures, Standard advertising’s, Guide Books, Technical Index, Fonts, Background Information, TV-spots, Radio-spot etc. are easily accessible and can be used by yourself and your colleagues.

There is no need to recall the many advantages of the Internet. Though, we would like to insist on the importance of this way of communication.

Just have a look on our possibilities.

Should you encounter any difficulties in your search or with your server, just e-m@il us at info@imagecorporate.com

We will get back to you.

Image Corporate